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Raspad – Raspberry Pi Tablet on Kickstarter

I early backed the Raspad on Kickstarter.  It is a kit that includes a nice 10.1″ IPS Touch Screen enclosure, a short but still  nice to have battery (3 hours) and stereo speakers.  Back a bit ago I started to do my own Raspberry Pi tablet but never got around to the project.  I came across the Kickstarter project from a SunFounder newsletter and thought, hey it’s pretty much what I was wanting to do and at a good price (early bird backing).  I already have plenty of PI to use, including the very latest Pi 3b+ which just came out.

I look forward to trying out the tablet.   I am wanting to see if it will work as a decent away station for some of the sensor projects I have in mind.

You can find the Raspad project currently on Kickstarter.  It has roughly 53 hours left before funding is complete.  The project has already exceeded the primary goal and has since past a couple stretch goals.

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